Thinking About Trains

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Thinking about trains! 

Last week I spent a lot of time on trains (even bumped into the Archbishop of Canterbury, shameless name drop) and it got me thinking.

Trains by and large know where they are going. They have the destination in mind, they know where they have to stop and pick up passengers, the route is known, delays are possible but they are managed as well as they can be. Trains and tracks need maintenance and this is mainly planned in advance.

As I was thinking about the above I saw parallels with how I would like to grow as a follower of Christ and as a Pastor. I know the final destination, heaven. But there is a lot to do on the way. As a Christ follower I need to maintain my spiritual life, this maintenance can benefit from some planning.

As a Pastor I wanted to take people along on the journey with me, sometimes this will mean slowing  down, their maybe delays but I have a duty to shepherd well and bring people along.

In both areas they may be unexpected delays, my role is to demonstrate the Fruit of the Spirit, be patient, be joyful and keep going. 

We know the destination why not enjoy the journey? 

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