The Power of Your Testimony

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The Power of Your Testimony

 Have you ever stopped to think how powerful your testimony is?

Your testimony is powerful beyond belief. Why? Because it is personal, you can tell people what Jesus has done in your life. You can testify to how Jesus transformed your life. You can speak from real persona l experience  and that is hard to argue with.

In John 4 we read the account of how Jesus met a Samaritan women at the well. That meeting and subsequent conversation had such an impact on the women that verse 39 says the following:

39 Many of the Samaritans from that town believed in him because of the woman’s testimony, “He told me everything I ever did.” 

The women was so excited she shared her testimony of what Jesus had done and a mini revival broke out!

We have within us a testimony that if shared has the power to kick start a mini revival. Can I encourage you to take a few moments and write down how you life was before you knew Jesus and how your life has changed since you have known Jesus. 

I know for me the change is dramatic.

Once you have written it, practice sharing it, make it short, make it succinct and you will be amazed how powerful it is. When you have finished practicing be ready to share it, be ready to share what Jesus is doing in your life.

Can I add your testimony isn't only spoken. It comes across in the way you act, you can testify to the greatness of Jesus through actions as much as words. Often actions lead to people asking why are you different (in a good way hopefully!).

No one can take away your testimony, own it, share it!

Pastor Adam

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