No clear way?

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No clear way?

Have you ever got to a point in life when you aren't sure what way to go? The road ahead seems shrouded in mist. You want to go forward but fear and uncertainty are holding you back and you end up freezing, staying put.

This has happened to me many times, especially in a ministry context. I have been unsure, not certain what to do. We often get tempted to try and rationalize things, sort them out in our own strength, when the answer is simple:

Look to God!

God wants to help us, to keep us on the straight path. Through prayer, through the Holy Spirit, we can rely on God to guide us, to encourage us but we need to go to Him. When we don't know the way to go in life seek His way and go for it.

I can testify that if you do this the results can be like changing. When I felt called to ministry I was nervous, scared even and delayed and delayed, I couldn't see how I could do it. In the end, I ended up calling out to God on the side of a hill in Malvern, England, He answered and I moved forward.

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