Our Values

We are excited about the church and the great people that make it what it is. We also recognise that there is much more still to do, but we believe there is great potential and with God’s help we are determined to press in to all God has for us.
Our desire is to see the following values lived out in every aspect, ever department, and every individual’s lives.
Church is more than a building in which we worship, sing songs and listen to preaching. Yes, these are essential, but in addition to these it is PEOPLE, fellowship, relationship and encouragement. It is a lifestyle that reflects God’s heart of love, it is an attitude that colours our thought and directs our actions.
We all have something we live doing, and can be done well. As we use our gifts and skills we will seek to help the local church and local community to grow and develop.
More than an ‘hello’ or a cup of tea, fellowship and community takes time and energy and is about building relationships. This is the basis upon which church is formed and people cared for.
The Christian message is summed up by Jesus when He said that we are to “love the Lord our God with all your heart and with all your strength and with all your mind, and love your neighbour as yourself.”
As a Christian church we have a mandate first of all to love God which should result in that love spilling over in practical care and concern to our neighbours.