Pastoral Care

People matter and we care about people, their lives, their circumstances…and we do our best to support people in any way that we can.
We understand that a person’s life consists of practical and physical needs, emotional needs and of course spiritual needs, and we aim to support people in every area of their life, that they can become all that God wants them to be!
An important part of Living Springs Community Church ministry is its care and pastoral service. Our desire is to provide to the best of our ability, biblical, loving and practical pastoral care for every member of our church family from the tiniest baby to those recently bereaved and all stages in-between. In addition we have trained staff and volunteers with more expertise and skills.
The Pastoral Care Team consists of 12 people of varying ages who feel called to support and help others. They will pray with those they visit or those who request it, and seek to help and support them in any other practical way they can. The Pastoral Care Team is an essential ministry within the church and as a leadership we are thrilled to have such committed and devoted Christians involved in this ministry.

Pastoral care
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