We are an all-age church made up of people from a wide spectrum of life that has a relaxed style and is for those who want to connect with God without the trappings of religion.
We are a relevant and 21st century church that desires to make a positive impact in Cannock and the surrounding areas.  We are a group of people whose desire is to show that Jesus Christ is very much alive in the normal, ordinary people like us.

We are a church that loves the Bible and believes it is just as relevant today as it has ever been. Bible teaching is always a key ingredient of our times together. Our aim in our preaching and teaching is to communicate positive and practical truth that relates to daily living. We believe the Bible shows us how to connect with God which is the most vital need for everyone in our locality and beyond. We build our values, culture and practice from its teaching.

We are a church that believes in the power of prayer. As a church we hold cooperate prayer meetings, and we encourage personal prayer. We believe prayer is a key foundation to all we do and is essential if we are to see the Kingdom of God being advanced In our communities. We are an enthusiastic church and our meetings have a contemporary feel, with a mix of modern and some traditional music.
We are lovers of God and are blown away by his love towards us and find it amazing that He continually accepts us with open arms.

We are a church that loves people – all people – and we don’t discriminate or carry stones in our pockets. We really want to love and accept people just as God had done towards us.
We are one of thousands of Pentecostal Evangelical Churches in the UK. There are 350,000 Pentecostal Churches throughout the world today. Pentecostal churches can be found in over 200 nations, consisting of more than 50 million members worldwide.

We are an Elim Pentecostal church – a vibrant and growing denomination of over 550 churches in the UK which celebrates it 1000 centenary in 2015 (see: www.elim.org.uk). Elim began through passionate expressions of evangelism and this continues today.
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