Israel Pilgrimages.

Exploring Israel is like peeling back years of history as tunnels allow visitors to descend from the bustling modern streets, to the old ruins dating back more than 2000 years. few sights can be as stirring as Jerusalem's golden dome of the rock glowing in the sunset, the whole of the honey-coloured city stretched out below.
At the northern end of the country are the lush, forested slopes of the snow-capped mount Hermon and the flowing rapids of the river Jordon.
In Jerusalem, Christians today, follow the route believed to have taken Jesus on the journey from his sentence to his crucifixion, known as the Via Dolorosa (the way of sorrows), ending at the church of the Holy Sepulchre.
Watch the devout Jews praying at the western wall, the closest point the Jews can get to the ark of the covenant.
Outside the walled city lies many wonders, such as the garden tomb which offers a time for reflection and prayer as you gaze upon the empty tomb and the skull shaped hill. wonder around the garden of gethsemane and the many olive trees, recalling the story of the betrayal of Jesus.
Visit Masada which lies along the dead sea, which was built by king Herod designed to protect the Jews from the romans. hear the story how the romans managed to take siege of Masada which resulted in mass suicide of the Jews to ensure they did not go back into slavery. The dead sea, rich in minerals provides an ideal opportunity to relax as you float freely under the heat of the sun.
As you journey north, towards Tiberius, visit the wedding church which is where Jesus undertook his first miracle, and sample the wine known to the locals as 'Jesus wine'. whilst in Nazareth we stop of at the church of annunciation, the site in which the angel Gabriel spoke to Mary about her future, the rest as we say is history.
Still travelling north, we have the opportunity to travel high upon mount tabor and visit the Mount Tabor
Church of transfiguration. The church marks the area where Jesus was taken into heaven with Moses and Elijah either side.
Whilst in Tiberius, we get to visit the many sites where Jesus first began his work.
Sea of Galillee
Mount of beatitudes, which marks the spot known as the sermon on the mount. a church also marks the place where Jesus undertook the miracle of the loaves and fishes, and many more historical places.
South of the sea of galilee within peaceful surroundings is a place called yardenit. this provides an ideal opportunity for baptisms, or the experience to go through the experience again.
Northwest of galilee lies mount Carmel, Elijah’s triumph. on top of the mountain lies a small church surrounded by gardens, celebrating what god can do for his people. mount Carmel overlooks the plains of the valley of Armageddon, the place of the final battle. we all know who wins in the end.............................
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