Care in the Community

Living Springs Community Church cares! it is an important part of our ministry. We aim to provide biblical, loving and practical pastoral care for every member of our church family from the tiniest baby to those recently bereaved and all stages in-between. In practice our pastoral care is rather like an umbrella:


The cover of the umbrella represents the three main ways in which we provide Spiritual and Practical Care:
Caring for each other within our church family – which mostly happens within the context of our small groups
Special care for our church family – provided by trained staff and volunteers with more expertise, skill and time for those in need of more intensive or sustained care at a particular moment in time, e.g. unemployment, bereavement or long-term ill health.

The care team consists of 12 people of varying ages who feel called to support and help others. There is always someone from the care team available to support at any given moment. Of course the practical support is essential but we also believe in Spiritual support. Our care team, faith filled believers, will pray with those whom they visit and continue in that support until we see a break through in the lives of those in our care. The care team is an essential ministry within the church and we as a leadership are thrilled to have such committed and devoted Christians within the ministry.
Care in the Community
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